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Workshop information and supply lists will be published in Coastlines newsletter and posted here as they become available. The fee for one-day workshops is $40. Sign-ups for each workshop begin two months prior and we expect these excellent teachers to sell out fast. Workshops not filled two months in advance will be opened to non-members for an increased fee. Enroll by providing a check payable to Coastal Quilter's Guild to the Workshop Chair.  All programs are subject to change.

Workshops are held from 9am - 3:30pm unless otherwise indicated.
Goleta Community Center... Rm. 2
5679 Hollister Ave. • Goleta, CA 93117
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List of Teachers Who Have Presented at Coastal Quilters Guild - 1990 through 2017: Alpha by Last Name || By Year



January 11 - 12



Linda S. Schmidt
"Short Attention Span Quilting - Quilts Only"

This is a grand panorama of my development as an art quilter, starting with my Grandma’s quilt, my first blue ribbon quilt, and moving on through patchwork, story, portrait, landscape, abstract, and liturgical quilts.  All of the quilts have their own story, and each one is completely different from the next.

Workshop January 12- GVCC
"Life's a Beach"

In this easy, fun, workshop, you will make a sandy beach in the morning, complete with shells and rocks and a ripple of water; then in the afternoon, you will make a crashing wave.  In the process, you get to play with all kinds of fun STUFF - Puff Paint, sheer melted fabrics, fabric paints, Angelina fiber, Tintzl, melted painted cellophane and tiny beads.  Come on to the Beach and Catch a Wave!

Supply List


February 8 - 9

Mary Tabar
"Anything But Cotton"

A Slide show explaining different fabrics and how they are manufactured.

Workshop February 9
Discharge Dyeing and Fabric Markers

Students will learn different methods of discharge dyeing, by using stamps, stencils, brushes and found objects. Painting with fabric markers and fabric ink.

Supply List


March 8-9

Grace Errea
"The Value of Value"

Color gets the credit but VALUE is what always makes a successful textile piece. Learn all about VALUE, how to see it, how to use it, and how to always come out with an amazing, successful piece by focusing on value and letting all else fall into place naturally.

Workshop March 9
Introduction to Heat Set Applique

In this class you will learn to use an applique technique so new and revolutionary, you will use nothing else once you try it. It is easy, foolproof and the results are always amazing.

This technique leaves the quilt and the fabric soft and manageable, not stiff and board-like, as fusible webs and glues do. The best however, is that you can do raw edge applique without any fraying edges!! This technique produces a no-fray raw edge applique as a result.

You will pick from one of the patterns below for the workshop.

Supply list


April 12



Member Challenge

Musical Memories
A Favorite Song from your High School Years

"Whats New Pussycat"

May 10-11

Velda Newman
"A Painter's Approach to Quilt Design

This lecture is about inspiration and evolution. Through slides I show how I started, how I work now, and share a little bit about what I've learned and the obstacles I've encountered throughout my 20+ year creative journey. My intention is to encourage by example. I hope attendees will leave inspired - feeling that if I can do it they can too. I like to bring as many quilts as I can and am open to all questions.

Workshop May 11
Texture and Form: A Technique Class

Nature is an endless source of beauty and inspiration. With this in mind, learn how to get rid of the "flat" look and turn fabric into something interesting. These easy machine stitching techniques can be used for quilts or clothing. (Book reference: A Workshop with Velda Newman; available now @ Amazon.com or C & T Publishing.com.

Supply List


June 14-15


Coming Soon...

July 12

Member Potluck & Library Book Sale

August 9-10


Coming Soon...

September 13


Quilt Show Week

Featured Artist: Freddy Moran


October 11-12



Coming Soon...


November 8-9

Coming Soon...


December 13


Holiday Party and Potluck


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